comedian biscuits biscuits all fans know that I really amazing facing serious health conditions. She diabetic kidneys have been damaged due to frequent hospitalization from the current visual deficiency disease means the desire of all of the audience are being felt. There are like a lot of the artist community of support were also made to visit as much as possible as soon as possible.

She said that when faced with many difficult to visit as much as possible about the artist visit her even further. I am very grateful to all the artists who donated to respect the audience favorite pollen golden syrup and a good attitude, I help her icon told media in an interview that year. Pollen golden syrup Becomes level of public support for more than a step in our heads examined.

15.6.2018 theaters smile I’m saving all rough diamonds will be a “diamond” movie

Brother alone there will not imitate  He had to see how the girl would be taken on 15 meet. Let Myanmar advanced on 15.6.2018 at the same time in the large theater speakers.

Pakistan felt that his mother once if once you reach this level, with two hundred thousand, half as much as possible where she has heard from the other. Who can ask for help and she’s transition by the end of said current also really wanted to remain anonymous said. Pollen Golden said she reported the money as well as an emotional speech . Fan favorite pollen golden syrup like a porcelain doll has a cute face good philanthropic-minded owner to respect the dentists. All fans love an old man presented to you to call me. 


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