2010 isolate from the border of North Korea and Myanmar are the other side of Asia 2. However, Myanmar, North Korea has been left in the lonely darkness “Rohingya” Despite the storms of criticism because of a problem with the progress reached under the light of the international community.

Myanmar and North Korea 2, who live on the nationwide study of the British-American Ibrahim Andray Abrahamian, “North Korea and Myanmar (or) different routes” (McFarland, 2018), author of researchers aged 40. He became very interested in North Korea.

“North Korea not to mention the full news story about how I feel hardly up to the media during the war countries if I became interested in writing. So I decided to study for my doctorate thesis is an issue, “he explained.

South Korea ul piano while studying for a doctorate in the University of North Korean businesses in seminars held by a non-governmental organization, the executive director of the Choson Exchange Jawf Geoff See met with foreign, especially in Singapore and China for further study. It met with Ibrahim as the executive director of Choson Exchange, 4 years and has visited North Korea 27 times during the operation.

In 2015, he and his wife had arranged a job for him in Myanmar and decided to work according to plan. “Although I have ever been to a previous visit to Myanmar, Burma is one of Asia other one I was so focused on the country alone. A more open society, I want to learn about what happened when I was converted, “he said.

He is a medium of instruction at the University of Yangon, Myanmar companies and non-governmental organizations in providing advice.

He specialized in the 2 previously have the same factors. “This 2 has been very lonely when they try to establish a nation and as a country partner is willing. 2 planes, in the struggle between the sanctions. 2, in reliance on China substandard friends are needed, “he explained.

The lush tropical export of rice to the food shortage in North Korea, Burma and North Korea exporting weapons to Burma. China, Myanmar Russia, The need of the Israelis as well as other countries that sell weapons.

North Korea is using the engineering skills to help build the new capital of Naypyidaw Myanmar. The skills of the country’s network of underground offers.

Internal and external security threats

According to Ibrahim back to Burma under the light of the international community to arrive in North Korea faces the main cause of the regime because of the different security threats. The ethnic mix of more than 100 multi-cultural country managed to handle the security threat is a threat for domestic conditions. The people of North Korea, and there are security threats to handle external threats and manage an impossible position.

“2 different countries constitute the institutional and security crisis. Myanmar ethnic rebels and communist rebels will try to find part of the kingdom. They are very powerful country tried to find really wanted. These wars of mass destruction weapons is useless and ineffective. The anti-regime rebellion in the key, “he explained.

“They provoked the violence, Careful study of the rift. Especially in 1990. Just then turn toward the problem of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi began to adopt a plan, “he said.

No ethnic divisions according to the North Korean threat facing different times and enormous. First from rival South Korea has a population of about 2 times a commercial is 40 times bigger. Second, the southern United States has become the world’s largest alliance with the United States is likely to invasion. US, North Korea, and the war of 1950-53 did not end with a peace treaty that ended with a ceasefire agreement with North Korea is still a legal war.

“His security crisis in response to North Korea’s nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons, because I feel lonely. They can not isolate the problem, “he said.

political leaders

2 The fate of each individual countries are different. Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi has called North Korea’s Kim pitted young generals. All of their 2 national dignity very large Swe became the generations. She is the daughter of independence hero Kim’s founding leader Kim Il-Sung’s grandson.

When you can handle the domestic threat that the regime in Burma to be focused on their fields. “Burma’s isolation caused by Aung San Suu Kyi, to suppress the pro-democracy movement. Led opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has become a real hero, a leader should consider the solution to engage the regime, “Ibrahim said.

Abroad “Aung San Suu Kyi, to try to make them Anticipated. She and her husband, British want him to return to the country that did not go out. Suu Kyi could disappear by the military regime. Aung San Suu Kyi at home and abroad support too. People loved him, can not be underestimated, “he explained.

Suu Kyi because of his parentage, and support is always alive and at least partially through openly. Therefore, no other way except to address engagement with the junta leader should finally allowed to enter in through the corridors of power off.

North Korea’s situation is contrary. The philosophy is to create a basis for unity is very important person who has received the genetic characteristics opposition rather than doing the regime’s leader. This power can not be underestimated.

“North Korea about 25 years ago united control moment happening today even thinking and I can create a report. This story is still among the most work. This is Burma, “he said.

In addition, the State is largely controlled by the government, is a big country to study abroad. Describe a “disaster area sneaked a different country where 2. North Korea We have no idea, but in Burma, “he said.

Kim and his family 3 ruling imposed on broad-based and is not in any other modern country with repressive mechanisms to consolidate his power. North Korea policy level, District level, Road no opposition at various levels there is no opposition in the jungle. China or South Korea or Russia’s border areas are not laid off accumulate forces.

To the emergence of one of the opposition leaders, “North Korea is hard to even think about. There is unity of ideas more than you might think. The repressive mechanisms are more powerful than you might think. Has been able to increase the pressure to change the system, “he said.

Market-based economic and social organizations

North Korea, however, remain on the local news in the Cold War, as described in the country. I think that would be the pressure for change. ” Let’s make businesses will remain stability One of the pro-class. China suffers from economic freedom, they would see, “Ibrahim said.

The class is in North Korea’s self-sufficiency and to create a market economy, entrepreneurs will be hung. Famine in the mid-1990s and the fall of Communism in Europe are driven socialist damaged goods publishing system prices, which emerged in China are smuggled merchandise imported food and medicines.

The black market via the North to meet the daily needs of the majority of scholars nationwide and has been the emergence of a wide market network. The majority of market information that the emergence of the network is active. And although prices are now working blatant state monitor to oversee.

North Korea did not allow the emergence of the market was allowed. The price for North Korea at the 2009 currency reform In 2011, Kim Jong-il is trying to break up once during the funeral, but no victory. Which does not emerge in a community-based organization. “The lack of community-based organizations really did,” Ibrahim said.

Myanmar, or feet. “Burma from 1962 until 1988 was a socialist country. Then the terrible violence socialist experiment ended. Has become a market economy. Community-based organizations, political parties have emerged. They quickly defeated, but the politics of civil society organizations being allowed, “he said.

The organizational form of early schools, Working with the voluntary health organizations and private companies since they became a communications and establish a network-based political movements became influential.

Socialist political reforms in the country last and eventually became a model for democratic reform. “They are part of the democratic system to prepare for about a decade. Suddenly it. North Korea has no plans to change this rule, “he explained.

Nationalism rising again

The international community has started from 1990 forecasts as a sudden change, The collapse should be unexpected, Ibrahim warned. China and Vietnam have been fundamental changes in economic and maintain the party’s control. 1974 North Korea sees from China and have been detected.

“I have another North Korean Baseball ginger, very tall buildings, Giant billboards See the car and told me. About 20 years ago, Beijing will not think this would happen to the international capital nobody, he said. Pyongyang is also the next 20 years will be lost the same  We have rebelled against society, They want changes in the joints break. But  want to present a more affluent way of life, “he said.

The two plates of the Ibrahim patriotic and more serious about nationalism and the external view of a man. He has to see things for several shocked stress, he said.

“Nationalism is a big surprise. Even there, people are wrong and oppression they loved their country too. People are thinking that we want to think about themselves and their country of destination. Sometimes, love and support Sometimes disappointed, they hate them, “he concluded.

Myanmar ethnic-based nationalism is still the same powerful, Ibrahim said. Most especially currently, when the target is a national Rohingya powerful he said.

“Nations, Countries is still important to know what is amazing. This I think is not retained. They want democracy, we thought. Prepare for race-centered form of democracy we do not leave. Her racial-centric nationalists, we do not want to think, “Ibrahim said.


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