one million millionaires, the average age of 37 years to become rich million dollars around the world, according to calculations based on life. Similarly rich billionaires average age of 51 years to become one of. Some are young billionaires and billionaires.

For example, with the most modern domestic social networking systems such as Facebook founder Zuckerberg within a year if the millionaires million  turned into a rich billionaire. Now, focusing on current billionaire with notes about children around the world. New Releases in 2018, based on Forbes magazine’s list of 100 richest world.

Forbes’ descriptions suggest that a decade gathered billion over 2 increments of one hundred times the number seen in the fact that the world’s rich girlfriend. The tenth of the world’s 15 million population, there are up to 2 million there are only about 2,500 billion. Reported that the 2124 list.

This is where, in 2007, 891 during the decade increased by almost 3 times. Each decade average billionaire, will be increased by 2 times can be assumed.

Average million  billionaire 0 The wealthy can take 14 years to reach. Here is another $ 1 million million, even at rest, because I find it hard to save 1,000 million to take a discount as well.

Most causes are automobile manufacturing, billionaires Construction and Engineering, Investment business, Energy production, Fashion Store Financial services, Food and beverages industry, Casino gambling as legal work, The transport industry, Goods manufacturing, The media industry, Mining industry, Higher housing industry, Those who operate in business and communication technologies are the fastest million from billionaire said. Those databases technology with operations in the shortest time and billionaires dropped an average of 7 million Kyat 3 years.

Million by Russian billionaire pale as soon as countries from a wide margin. Russian man to become a billionaire by keeping only 9 years, according to the calculated average. 1 year 14 million Americans, Japan is 11 years, China 9 tenth, 9 years The countries with the most billionaires billionaire longer time period to be different from someone else.

In the list that can produce the most billionaires University Harvard pilot. Harvard dropout after one of the school has become one of the average 4-year-old billionaire, billionaires and their schools, according to calculations based on the Britons.

Currently the world’s billionaires in 2124, 30 graduates. 10, attended the University of School was sent to the university degree does not matter, while the remaining 20 did not rest entirely. The graduates are the most billionaires. No less than 23, including 100 billion for 23 percent of the engineering school. Now, engineering graduates are billionaires The tip of the nose to become rich.

The current cold Jeff nest swiftlet (Jeff Bezos), you can save about 90 billion According to the list since he already save about 124 billion, he said Jeff nest swiftlet million to become a billionaire from the time I was 2 years.

In his next Bill Gates to save 90 billion, I was 5 years to become a billionaire. Warren Buffett, 84 billion rich, I had 26 years. The fastest among current billionaire former billionaire Facebook founder Zuckerberg and was carried out in 1 billion years. .


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