This era traveling alone has increased for those who like more. To those who enjoy adventurous traveling alone, is a real challenge. If you know in advance if there is thought to travel alone has the same zeal.

1. My strength

You will want to be a good person in the relationship. But not an easy place to communicate a sense of how can live. To reach the region’s environment to a query from  with no hesitation.

2. Arrange a place to sleep

Houses rent a room from declines in their relative’s homes actually lend someone will help you communicate with local people and more. This is mostly as a travel option. Consider the item you add points.

3. Do not be afraid

Long-term movement alone will drive out most of the time in my head. Fear While accompanied by yourself along the way will love yourself. You may even want to get some new friends along the way.

4. Capture photos

Arrive in the region should not forget to file photographs. Besides the region’s beauty from a different perspective places to enjoy the scenery and do not forget to take photos.

5. More

Instead of getting a quick and delicious, try eating only local food and more experimental. Instead of one, and she did not. The staff from waiters and just want to help us forget what is being let and Jasmine. Explore new tastes.

6. Please keep in contact with family, friends and

rocking like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram network’re from my family and friends made it public in the way. If you can ask for their advice if necessary.

7. Safety is always there

Most important factor in travel alone. In addition to happy to stay safe also be considered. Alert to all along the trip neutral. at night. Need to be cautious. 


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