I had a radio. Just to buy a radio, but You buy another one and listen to the radio within a few years, a total of five. I have a radio, I had five. I am still in my books between the last three pale crimson rice catch radio station half a steel pole is broken, and there is still calm. Gets some logic logic digital logic to cry, Under the lights, holding news publisher pages caught fire while Jesse Jesse Lam still stay tuned. But I was surprised to have been weary of the best radio. Once a jam is difficult to hold anger and resentment at hand would be in favor of a day I think. The paper already

That was 10 years ago in a radio light. Oppressed people to represent sounds. Read the one who does not recognize it, but remember to 0 after line ‘revolutionary TV Live Streaming is important, but the entire radio broadcast revolution pm the evening will have to start living up to expectations Bulletin Issue listening.

At that time, in the back of the government newspapers. “VOA  RFA. BBC to “roll with all six brush. Order newspapers’ front cover ‘necessary’ ‘Developed country shocked enough. It gives people stuck in difficult dense beautiful rest in the dark demure unarmed, Intelligence and police fear more than a local informant difficult, Silver-gray paint With the foot of the page The fear of rabies communism without knowing anything more than catch up with, Off the power to read the first book published filthy dirty and brown, In addition, the bottom of the box of secret agents save the old notes, Religious Superstitions One of the collection, except for At that time, human knowing 0 nobody injured  Driven like dogs. But do want a dog food with poison 0 There are.

I was listening to radio in the mid 2006. In the first (period of three or four thousand tons a radio 0 no condition) 0 through radio specials throughout the evening an unexpected teacher’s home, The sound became like his son and two land had to listen to the listener. His two fold visit Grinding teeth grinding, A strong mind and desk had full speed at full speed. He once put his fist at the wall of resentment mind. Later, before the 2007 Saffron Revolution, Equality is still a few months later, a lightweight radio purchased squeeze alone sit in front of my job I’ve been grinding tears listening to some reports. On those days, we really had to hope. What a The corner was beaten dogs. Consider, then tragedy To hear the bad news, Even feel Porch dog corner if you felt at that time practical dying to make the tortured emotions of those correctly, I think it’s hard to see how. But the royal 0 in order to reconcile justice means today are still missing.

The monks pylon tied beat me, The monastery rebel camp was (power after viewing video taken some pain I was in tears) At that time, America’s top singer listening to the liver  bring a bomb explosion is already a clearly large numbers was a sharp pain. In the past 10 years 0 white coat is pale gray Dim million kids get into. However, events during the past 10 years, The news may be in defiance of the military dictatorship, 0 as its history will always remain.

Several years ago, radio Several years ago a radio news emerged about the words on the BW photos of the body of a black servant, dressed to look like, 0 taken the story of the Jews during World War II movies look like the most comfortable glowing. Past our Broadcast listener imagine disagreeable public belief and wrote poems. I have written what console are in a first position, 0 stories 0 democratic pay to behind-the-scenes stories, so fortunate If the country is in progress Declaration threatens seriously the risk of poverty, Many watts when human dignity, etc. about the head with iron nails littered with broken strongly inconsolably. administrator, The ruling class to understand how to live in hearts and life.

2008 now expected shakes killed hundreds Nargis went in, I was shocked and denial Among the radio station to communicate during a storm breaks caught a thud, phone (At that time, a radio, a phone voice Terrified family of a man crying heard horror) But many people of central Burma 0 Storm damage was just rocking them, Causing death and loss do not know the correct information from foreign radio happened and can not believe when I heard the news.

The worst period was when the government, in a newspaper article Nargis front of a large tree, I previously unseen home Shwedagon Pagoda clearly seen, so I thank Nargis’ ‘Food to the affected people in the region, even if you do not worry, the frog fish’ lyrics Target and terrible writing, it’s quite a read. twisted, disfigured In information At that time, foreign radio stations was a magnet. For me, that was accompanied by.

In the past, if a song before RFA Radio first broadcast that is broadcast from listening to a song, I know I  I know I was young, Rain was a dull, was known Story. He was coming out of Life ever meet, but in a clear voice was familiar from radio interview.

Note that the radio was always on time, listening time broadcast was seen outside, I always hear the voice of the face-to-face, I want to meet all the young fellow was, and I felt a warm feeling had become angry. How does the release of 2011’s first poetry, Sincerely, a broadcast would be as far as the names of those (20) book, Memorial was sent to America by signing books. These books do not know until today, it reaches them. Were sent to the US via  I arrive in the last five years, four thought it was. Now, the uncertain future. With my poetry book of a building in a secluded and only son in the eye would still visualize the spinal cord.

Do not listen to the radio now see five-year-old classic. It was held last radio anoint anoint the dirt around between books have been several very calm. We did not listen to the radio because many are. Today, before, during, and is no longer so much information. (There is poorly understood, but still are). Private newspapers, journals Many out. You know, personal attacks, Disparage messages from the sports book was not. There is no pressure to add to add to (guess) many of the online news from Facebook other minutes. (Alan cost to the spread of rational analysis on my part) Another former Department of Foreign Broadcast radio channels in those sciences, probably those lines Radio Broadcast The program once again for the end of his speech here are a big reason. Diversity will be accepted and visible bed bugs, although plain and cause little roll twisting audaciously openly so that we can hear the word accept diversity to exist, it is impossible. The blame is not mature, do not say no.

As a result, the radio said. Save radio story room. And sometimes it is a price that often listen to holding a big radio that often sat sullenly holding a 20-year-old boy, Radio and the young (self) Thanks again. Additionally, these foreign radio station from the time their turn bad news about operations from the newspaper, probably placing theaters Radio you want to listen to intimidate those seeking to ‘listen to the radio without a license 0 Action’ those who act behind to mind affordable tenacious people, hating loser and spinal cord. Done from the radio era. 


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