often just past, Texas home, but I’ll just These days, a bus home of Nyein determined. Taxi rent one from a girl recently, including the abuse has been killed after he was causing disquiet among the girls.

And arrange to work at a private company accounting office and get back to go home quickly usually rent Texas. The office in Yangon near Thinganggyun ideal price.

“The sisters’ parents are now incessantly, Daughter, my bus ride Taxi and rent. If you go past the office in the morning bus, stuffed Office to deal with the difficult to sell. But now, just going to ride the bus Bake station is the ideal shopping landmark YBS (7) rode to leave, I assume it safer on the bus, “he said.

Make business sense, Or because of other reasons  girls home security does not have much choice. A small number of private home so he is a taxi Quite a bus ride home.

Rangoon communal horror shocked that occurred on January 20 in Texas, has been hired to worry home.

The 25-year-old golden syrup (b) the court hired Golden Taxi Taxi driver had been raped, but was brutally murdered. The Golden Win Hledan purchased a shopping center from the fact that she lived at night, Dagon Rent a car and to return to ward had to kill her.

At 30 am on January 21 violations in North Dagon Township, 33 expansion territory, Futsal indoor gym, near The solution calm creek creek under the bridge spicy Indian tamarind tree, her body was found in a community and people.

Yee Wong’s neck with a screwdriver to see an injury, but revealed that he was raped murdered. She was wearing a platinum necklace, Earrings, including mobile phones, were brought by the killer. On January 24, the offender Myo Zaw Oo. He was caught by police

In statements to the police from the offender see what the next thousand shekels to Open Air Conditioning from the request for more time is worth a logical factor.

Anyone can rent a Texas spoken before market price is established not only convenient to rent. Should a higher court of golden syrup and a screwdriver and hunting was unconscious, I was unconscious and raped the fact that logic is not reasonable, Because defendants Myo Zaw Oo, nail and claw wounds Power and bite wounds was found  resistance was speculative.

Unconscious, he raped one it is impossible to see why. This was outrageous cases among women increased presence of security, even in cities like Yangon 

Yangon, the only solution, Myanmar do not perpetrated against women and girls across the increasingly imposed the punishment on the perpetrators is effective not criticism emerged loudly.

According to the present Penal Code Section 376 and sentenced to 20 years to adopt angry. This process needs to be done to effectively maligned sin against women because rape cases do not want him to remain. Rape, looting, Offenders are also plans to set up activities that the death penalty murder Women’s rights activists say.

Myo Zaw Oo currently perpetrated offense of murder under Section 302, Robbery, Article 392, Section 376, rape Menstruation and oppose Penal (377) with an open mind.

In a similar point last December, Shan State Kengtung lines, 18-year-old, “Lahu” ethnic “Associated Press”, was brutally killed and burned body was never erase.woman’s husband, who is a call to send me to want to eat grilled fish were killed in the AP sends.

On December 2 2017 road to critics who had been burned, her body was found through the ring, which he found at hand to track the perpetrators was arrested. Hostility or grilled fish without the means to send girls “Soe Lwin stagnant” and “(b) Sai Russian was” utterly destroy the bodies were killed.

The Yangon Lonely women are pushed brutally murdered without the safety issues on effective penalties  “The secretary of the committee on women and children,” Daw Hla Hla Soe Susana told her view she asked.

“I was heard talking to the death penalty, the perpetrators Golden syrup in the court case, the murderer, Supply, Since rape walk up to the maximum penalty is death can be specified, In order to adopt such a severe punishment must also continue to try, “he said.

Women’s activist Khin said, “all the women are safe Role Even government officials do little to fulfill the needs of the people, Failure, Of course some of this is happening, the people, one must keep Especially reputable men want to protect women, “he said.

Women participants in schemes to prevent the risk if something goes wrong, how do you have kids. Telephone, charger Headphones wheel, Rice Valley, The umbrella can be used for harm to the minimum level can react publicly prepared now.

If women alone pepper , Alarm football Portable flashlight recommended should carry an outcast machines have also profoundly. In 2017 came during a rape murder okay.

Importantly, the offender needs to be imposed on death penalty legislation. If the effective penalties imposed by law for the safety of women could be lost unless the government does not guarantee to Kazakhstan’s continued violation submit the people’s anti-sounds, Movements as well.

In addition, women also should always have security. 
“What is important because more than the bus ride In addition, even if forced to hire Texas Pepper will be on the origin is considered “Nyein said.


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